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It's a place to post fanart of your favorite bands...bands like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Academy Is..., David Cook, and so many others! The art can be traditional or made on the computer, I don't really care.

-From now on, PLEASE SUBMIT ART TO THE CORRESPONDING FOLDER. If one doesn't exists, or if you're confused, message me. I'm not a scary person. :)

-There is NO LIMIT on how many deviation you can submit.

-I do accept band slash in any form. Just be sure that you properly use the maturity warnings as they need to be. Basically, if it's unsuitable for kids/young teens, use the sensor. It's pretty much common sense.
Founded 8 Years ago
Jan 21, 2010


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Fan Club

304 Members
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What are we about?

For those of you who don't know, who've not visited here before, this is a group for music fanart. Any and all fanart is accepted. It can be in any medium. It can be of any band/artist. I know there's really only My Chem and Fall Out Boy posted here at the moment, but that's where you guys come in. If you've got some fanart you want to share, join and post it here! It's all about the togetherness of fandom and art.

You do have to be nice, though. No bad talking a band or artist. No antagonizing a fan for liking certain musicians. I wanted to create a supportive community of band art here.

So just have fun! Make conversation with new friends. Help promote each other.



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Mature Content

Hayley Williams by im-sorry-thx-all-bye

Mature Content

Chester Bennington by im-sorry-thx-all-bye

Mature Content

M Shadows by im-sorry-thx-all-bye
Tell me. by MrPeachy
My Chemical Romance
MCR- Sea Life Doodles by IerosWay
Still Awake by BurningSpinKilljoy
I'm Writing This Letter... by BurningSpinKilljoy
The Heiress Of Mother War by BurningSpinKilljoy
Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy by DEERMASK
Sunset in my veins T shirt by sashabrambleshadow
Panic At The Disco
What A Shame... by CorporateRockWhore
Just a Dash by CorporateRockWhore
Pretty. Odd. by decaygirl13
A Romance Theme by Arlen-e
Owl City
Owl City by Susutastic
owl city - panda bear by batbeater
Vanilla Twilight. by Susutastic
Hot Air Balloon. by Susutastic
Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne by Madam-Pierrot
Avril by Madam-Pierrot
Avril Lavigne 2 by Madam-Pierrot
Avril Ramona Lavigne by Madam-Pierrot
30 Seconds to Mars
It only takes... by mrwonderful28
Mithra by mrwonderful28
TIW by mrwonderful28
Mars Skulls by mrwonderful28
Tokio Hotel
tom kaulitz by redtelecaster
Three Days Grace
Someone Who Cares by EchelonxAnna
three day grace - one x by 00i-love-them-all00
Life Starts Now by 00i-love-them-all00
.:Adam Gontier:. by Jess-Hedgehog
Album covers contest
Fast Forward by batbeater
Odds and Ends
David Cook
David Cook by Shalvi
Patrick Stump
Being Defined is the Death of Art by sashabrambleshadow
Green Day
She's a Rebel by CorporateRockWhore
The Used
Don't  make me be Myself by artonaSTICK

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Take Us to Hospital by MushroomBrain Take Us to Hospital :iconmushroombrain:MushroomBrain 94 70
Wake up!
Wake up!

It must be a horrible, sick nightmare. This can't be real. I'll wake up and it'll be over. I'll wake up and everything will be the way it was yesterday. I'll wake up and-
But I cant...
I can't ever wake up.
:icongothicaway:GothicaWay 8 25
Unicorns-A Frerard Story
Mikey lay in his bunk, clutching the toy unicorn to his face. Mmm, it smelt like Gerard. He rolled over, quickly falling asleep. There was a smile on his face.
Bob found Ray in the tiny bathroom, combing the 'fro. He leaned in the doorway, opening a small drawer under the sink and removing his beard-linter. "You okay?" he asked.
"Yeah..." he replied, struggling with a knot.
"Brush under it, then put the comb in the middle of it," Bob instructed. Ray did so, combing out the knot quickly and painlessly. He wondered how Bob knew so much about hair.
Gerard leant against the side of the bus, a cigarette in his hand. As he took a drag, Frank climbed out of the bus and lent next to him.
"Okay?" Frank asked genuinely. Gerard looked as though there was something on his mind.
"Yeah..." Frank waited.
Gerard stared into the distance. "Just thinking..."
"About...?" Frank prodded.
"Mikey." Frank nodded, lighting up his cigarette."I miss him. It's not like I won't let him have a life, but we
:icongothicaway:GothicaWay 50 53
Mature content
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge :icongothicaway:GothicaWay 17 29
The Way Brothers by GothicaWay The Way Brothers :icongothicaway:GothicaWay 30 4 Cafe Iero by GothicaWay Cafe Iero :icongothicaway:GothicaWay 26 127 I Heard A Rumor... by GothicaWay I Heard A Rumor... :icongothicaway:GothicaWay 1 13 Three Cheers for Sweet Reveng by GothicaWay Three Cheers for Sweet Reveng :icongothicaway:GothicaWay 4 4
Another Way: Part 1
"Yeah, Bob's got a special present for your birthday, Mikey!" Gerard laughed. Ray, Bob and Mikey fell about in more fits of laughter. Frank sat between Gerard and Ray, his arms crossed and a pout on his lips.
"Uh-oh, is ickle Fwankie having a sulk? You look like you need cheering up," Gerard winked. He sniffed haughtily and turned his head away.
"Aw, come on, Frankie, I thought homophobia was gay?" Gerard sighed at his party-pooping best friend.
"I'm not homophobic..."
"...But?" Gerard insisted. Frank relented.
"But it's just weird! It's not natural."
"Are you kidding? It's hot!"
Mikey, Gerard, Frank and Bob turned to stare at Ray, who blushed deeply. "So I've heard..." he added.
"Ew..." Mikey shuddered. "Never talk to me again. Ever."
Ray sat back, muttering something that sounded like "You were thinking it..."
:icongothicaway:GothicaWay 8 19
Another Way: Part 2
"Will you cut it out?" Frank murmured, looking around. Bob and Ray were holding hands, trying to embarass him.
"But we're in love, Frank! Can't you see how happy we are together?" Bob grinned.
"Oh, Bobbykins..." Ray cooed. Frank rushed off to the bus. Ray let go of Bob's hand, laughing at Frank.
"You know, I've never seen him run so fast," Bob mused.
Frank climbed onto the bus, muttering furiously. Why was everyone trying to piss him off? He stormed into the living area and stopped dead.
There was a girl.
There was no doubt she was related closely to Gerard. Her hair was just like his, but shinier, well cared-for. Her skin was pale, her eyes dark against it. They had the same slope of the nose. She was wearing a dress she must have borrowed from the costume van, as it had a label stuck to it that read "Helena, Tracy P." She was playing with the hem, her dainty legs crossed, when she looked up and saw Frank.
He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. He swallowed hard and mana
:icongothicaway:GothicaWay 6 59
Mature content
Blood - Frerard Oneshot :icongothicaway:GothicaWay 18 39
Way 2 Go Title Page by GothicaWay Way 2 Go Title Page :icongothicaway:GothicaWay 3 5 Gerard's Thoughts 1 by GothicaWay Gerard's Thoughts 1 :icongothicaway:GothicaWay 8 2 Mikey's Thoughts 1 by GothicaWay Mikey's Thoughts 1 :icongothicaway:GothicaWay 5 1 The Ghost Of You Ft. Ray + Fro by GothicaWay The Ghost Of You Ft. Ray + Fro :icongothicaway:GothicaWay 8 8 Gerard Way Cartoon by GothicaWay Gerard Way Cartoon :icongothicaway:GothicaWay 9 0


I haven't been on DA for nearly two months--maybe you've noticed with the lack of activity from the group.

I just haven't felt the desire to be part of the DA community any more. To be honest, it's become more of an obligation than anything else. After all, I have a group to run, don't I? This group is the only reason I haven't closed my account. The thing is, I don't want it anymore. It's not that I don't love the group, but it's just not fun anymore. My daily routine's changed, the sites I visit have changed....I've changed. (Though I do still listen to the music that inspired this group.)

My question to you all is, is there anyone who'd like to take over the group? You could take ownership and run it as you will. I'm thinking of closing my account by next week, so you guys have until then to step forward.

If you follow me on my regular DA account, I haven't fully decided yet, but I may open another account so I can still have a place to post my art. (For more details, go to my personal account's journal posts.)

I really do hope someone steps forward to take control of this group!

(Group Creator)
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